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Tasman Island

Journey to Tasmania, Australia and you'll find Tasman Island. A rather small island that encompasses an area of only 1.2 kilometers, Tasman Island is a rocky, desolate place that contains steep cliffs that are a few hundred feet tall as well as patchy areas of grassland and scrub. An abandoned, bare landscape that is very hard to reach and even harder to explore, Tasman Island is a historical place rich in diverse plants, birds and other animals such as the notorious fairy prions as well as little penguins, short-tailed shearwaters, sooty shearwaters and even swamp harriers. Furthermore, fur seals, humpback whales, and crickets are also known to inhabit or visit the island.


Moving forward, one relatively unique attraction on Tasman Island is the Tasman Island Lighthouse. Constructed in the year 1906, it is on the most isolated lighthouses in all of Australia and what's even more interesting about it, is that it has been automated for the past 40 years or so meaning you won't find any workers or lighthouse keepers snooping around. Furthermore, the Tasman Island Lighthouse is made of cast iron which was made in England and then shipped to where it is located now whereupon the assembly pieces of the lighthouse were hauled bit by bit, piece by piece, up the island's cliffs so that it could be properly constructed.


Although it is quite old and worn down, the Tasman Island Lighthouse still stands as a marker for all those who travel to the area and although the island is virtually inaccessible to any curious souls, you can grasp a better understanding of just how magnificent the island is from this pack of pictures that the team of photographers from Fotoref captured in a recent journey to the island.

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