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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, located near Jordan, Israel and Palestine is one of the most popular bodies of water, not just for being one of the deepest lakes in the world but also for being one of the saltiest bodies of water (9.6 times saltier than the ocean in fact!). Furthermore, because it is so salty, no plants or animals can flourish in the Dead Sea making it a barren wasteland of salt formations which is comprised of sodium chloride, dried minerals and salts.

Moving forward, throughout the years, the Dead Sea has seen a significant decrease in size in terms of the amount of salt formations due to agricultural efforts. However, luckily many visitors to the site such as the photographers at Fotoref have been able to, through valiant efforts and under somewhat extreme conditions witness the miles upon miles of remaining salt mound foundations for themselves and actually document the wonderful and rare sight through photographs which can be found here.

These photographs of the Dead Sea salt formations may very well become the last piece of reference that we have to this unique place one day due to the present day activities that are ultimately wiping out the Dead Sea salt formations slowly but surely. In other words, these photographs may be one of a kind as they showcase the surreal and yet exquisite shapes as well as structures of the Dead Sea salt formations. 

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