Angkor Temple

FOTOREF is a photo reference marketplace where anyone can upload their photopacks for sale. 

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Why become a contributor?

It could be that you live near an interesting natural feature or a historical site; or, perhaps, you are planning a trip to an exotic location; maybe, you have access to a unique collection - machinery, weapons, vintage. If you document such subjects in a photopack, it will not only empower other people in their creative work but can also earn you money.

How much will I be paid as a contributor?

You will earn 80% of each sale. For example, if a photopack is priced at $9.99 you would receive $7.99 every time somebody buys it.

What sort of subjects should I shoot?

A good photopack does not necessary need to be about one of a kind subject. The key here is being comprehensive, providing as much detail as possible.

Photos of old winding streets can help a game designer to create a level. A detailed photopack about vintage clocks shoot in a local museum can inspire a concept artist to come up with some steam punk mode of transport.


We are on a quest to create a visual repository for boosting artists' imagination and letting them produce realistic, alien, weird, magical, and most beautiful work.

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