Layered Rocks

by Ref-G

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Hills upon hills covered in short yellow grass with sharp layered rocks scattered on top. Cliffs are composed of extremely thin layers that tend to create very sharp edges and angles.

This environment has been featured as Rohan in Lord of the Rings and it's only a few kilometers away from the actual filming location.
Five short full HD video clips exploring the layered rocks area. Mostly turn arounds from different points of interest.

Footage has been recorded handheld. It is quite shaky and was only filmed for reference purpose to enhance understanding of the location.

Layered Rocks - Video 001 - 00:52
Layered Rocks - Video 002 - 01:51
Layered Rocks - Video 003 - 01:06
Layered Rocks - Video 004 - 00:37
Layered Rocks - Video 005 - 00:13
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