Fur Seals Colony

by Ref-G

405 photos
5 videos
Short video clips of various seals capturing short sequences of movement.

Footage has been shot handheld.

Fur Seals Colony - Video 001 - 00:18
Fur Seals Colony - Video 002 - 01:11
Fur Seals Colony - Video 003 - 00:27
Fur Seals Colony - Video 004 - 01:09
Fur Seals Colony - Video 005 - 00:34
Get ready to break your cuteness meter!

A colony of fur seals on the rocky beach. Some were sleeping under the sun, others moved from and to the ocean.

It took over 2 hours of waiting for the smaller cubs to get used to the photographer that allowed a close approach.

Includes a long sequence of one of the cubs coming from the ocean and getting fully dried in the sun.

The set is divided into multiple sub-folders for different seal groups. Shot on Canon L-series telephoto lens that allowed to capture details in full sharpness.

- Adults (58 photos)
- Colony Beach (15 photos)
- Cubs (58 photos)
- Drying Cub (156 photos)
- Juveniles (28 photos)
- Seal Couple (90 photos)