Clay Cliffs

by Ref-G

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The Clay Cliffs are huge sharp pinnacles and ridges with deep, narrow ravines separating them. They are made of layers of gravel and silt, deposited by rivers flowing from glaciers existing 1-2 million years ago. Compared to the nearby mountains, which are 250 million years old, the Clay Cliffs are relatively new.
Rain is slowly washing down the cliffs and it's releasing pebble that is piling in between the ravines.

The ground around is soaked with sedimented mud that creates a slippery and sticky surface, hard to walk on.

General scale of the mounds is between 5 to 50 meters.
Three short full HD video clips exploring clay cliffs area. Essentially, these are turn arounds from different points of interest.

Footage has been recorded handheld. It is quite shaky and was only filmed for reference purpose.

Clay Cliffs - Video 001 - 01:13
Clay Cliffs - Video 002 - 00:58
Clay Cliffs - Video 003 - 00:39