Abandoned Minimum Security Prison

by Ref-G

1063 photos

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Photo Pack

Video Pack

Correction facility built in high altitude area. The absence of high fence and watch towers has been supplemented by the cold, inhospitable wilderness of the location.

It has been abandoned for 30+ years. Inmates housing has been almost completely obliterated by high humidity and harsh weather. Other buildings are slowly decaying away.

In this pack, you can find abandoned church, boiler room, officer quarters and other buildings. Backyard has been transformed for the drift racing purpose.

All building are put in corresponding folders – 11 folders in total.

- Boiler Room (55)
- Church (122)
- Garage (46)
- Halls and Roof (230)
- Kitchen (169)
- Officers House (44)
- Outside (34)
- Rotten Barrack 1 (150)
- Rotten Barrack 2 (121)
- Warehouse 1 (35)
- Warehouse 2 (57)
Four short full HD clips exploring barracks area.

Footage has been recorded handheld. It is quite shaky and was only filmed for reference purpose.

Attic - 1:10
Rotten Barracks 001 - 0:31
Rotten Barracks 002 - 0:39
Rotten Barracks 003 - 0:40