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Naica Caves Natural Wonder

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An extraordinary location found in Naica caves, Mexico. Giant selenite or moonstone crystals up to 15 metres long formed in 45-50 C hot and 90-100% humid environment which can be deadly if you stay there for over two hours. Currently, the cave system is being explored as we speak. Durable image capturing gear is in development as cameras don't last long in this type of toxic environment 300 metres below the earth.


As of now four caves have been discovered, by the names of Swords’ Cave, Candles’ Cave, Queens’ Eye Cave and Crystals’ Cave. These feature sword-like crystals, very delicate and minute crystals and some incredibly sized ones too, most found nowhere else in the world.

These crystals were formed underwater when sulphide saturated phreatic thermal waters came in contact with oxygen-rich cold waters. Hundreds of years later this incredible phenomenon was created.

The Naica Caves were accidentally discovered during the exploration of a mine while extracting hot water through a complex pumping system. This system drained the water out of the caves, suddenly revealing an amazing natural treasure.

At Fotoref we were not able to visit the Naica Caves,  but we have plenty of cave reference such as Jenolan Cave System, Coral Island Cave or Mole Creek Cave. And if you need crystals check out Crystals photo pack.

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