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10 Photobashing Gifs

10 Photobashing Gifs

This is Julien Gauthrin and for the love of process gifs, let’s see how these artists created their artworks with photo references.

1. Alik Sarkisyan 

Warface - Dangerous Experiment

2. Dominik Zdenković

Convenience Store

    3. Loukas Panagioths

    Fishing Slum


    4. Max Riess

    Valyria - The Gate

    5. Min Guen


    6. Morgane Herbstmeyer

    Viking's Mountain

    7. Nitin Kale


    8. Pablo Dominguez

    Sunday of Eagles

    9. Vladimir Manyukhin

    Winter evening



    10. Nikola Sinitsa

    The Ruins 3010


    Thanks to all of the artists to let me feature them in this article.

    Clic, clac!

    Julien Gauthrin

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