Bubbling Bursting Mud Pools

by The Team

848 photos
3 videos
Natural mud pools provide a tremendous display of geothermal forces at work. Found in Rotorua area in New Zealand it is a never ending spectacle of bubbling and exploding mud.

The photo shoot has been made during 3 days in various lighting conditions. Hundreds of photos capturing explosion sequences that are the VFX reference you can dream of!

- Mud_Bursts_Daylight (426 photos)
- Mud_Bursts_Overcast (268 photos)
- Smaller_Bubbles (144 photos)
Three short full HD clips filming mud bubbling.

Footage has been recorded handheld. It is quite shaky and was only filmed for extra reference purpose.

Bubbling Bursting Mud Pools - Video 001 - 0:08
Bubbling Bursting Mud Pools - Video 002 - 0:13
Bubbling Bursting Mud Pools - Video 003 - 0:28